Family law  is a complex and constantly changing area. Federal legislation, state legislation, court decisions on multiple levels and a wide range of expert analysis affect the complexion of the field with each new day. Fortunately, resources do exist which make the job easier of finding out what the law is today.

We hope the following materials will provide you with a starting point to explore the current state of the law. This list is by no means exhaustive and we cannot vouch for the accuracy of what you will find. We have, however, reviewed the resources and have found them to be informative and useful.


  1. North Carolina Court System
  2. Wake County Family Court
  3. Wake County Family Court Rules for Domestic Court
  4. North Carolina General Statutes: Chapter 50 (Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support)
  5. North Carolina General Statutes: Chapter 50B (Domestic Violence)
  6. North Carolina Child Support Guidelines
  7. Custody Schedule Examples
  8. “Let’s Meet in the Middle” Custody Exchange Locator


  1. Financial Affidavit (Word Document)
  2. Certification of Initial Disclosures (Support) (Word Document)
  3. Certification of Initial Disclosures (Equitable Distribution) (Word Document)
  4. Equitable Distribution Inventory Affidavit (EDIA) (Word Document)